Parents/Guardians and Supporters

I have now been in the role of Safeguarding & Welfare Officer for just over a month.

In this period, I witnessed some really enjoyable football from our young and talented Boys & Girls from all age groups.

However, they need PROTECTING not just by the physical aspects of the game, but also from a Welfare & Safeguarding point of view.


I am looking at growing the Safeguarding & Welfare team and require a small number of volunteers to help me ensure the safety of our talented youngsters. 

  • What does this mean!

Be available at games, when your Son or Daughter are playing, not just to watch the game but provide welfare support for the entire team and coaches.

  • What do you need!

You will require to have a club DBS, ensure that you complete online Safeguarding courses. Once this has been completed, you will become part of the Brackley Town Family for Safeguarding & Welfare.

I hope I can encourage a few of you Parents & Guardians to come forward and assist the club in this very important role.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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